Client Satisfaction

Our clients give us positive feedback

They particularly value being part of a financial planning partnership with a firm of advisers that they can trust to look after their affairs in the long term. They feel confident that together we will achieve their financial objectives.

"We work very well with clients who understand the role that good financial advice plays in creating and protecting wealth. New clients are referred to us when they or their other professional advisers have identified a need. This often happens when there has been a change in financial circumstances but always when there is a realisation that they could benefit from professional advice to address their financial concerns.”

Adam Kent, Investment Adviser


Client Satisfaction

We aim offer our clients the best possible financial planning service and while we think we do it well, we also know there is room for improvementfor which we constantly strive, but more importantly our clients appreciate and value the service we provide.  In November 2012 the results of our client satisfaction survey showed that of our clients: 

  • 96% will recommend us to friends and colleagues
  • 96% we offered clear oral explanations
  • 97% are satisfied we deliver a professional service that meets thier needs
  • 98% think we offer clear written explanations
  • 100% think we offer a good or excellent service
  • 100% feel that the strategy and recommendations we made were good or excellent
  • 100% think we are friendly and treat our customers well and fairly.


The survey analyst concluded

"The results indicate a very high level of client satisfaction in the service level provided by PWM.  Scores reflect a service level ahead of the IFA market in general."